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Two Door Cinema Club @ the Fox Theater

H&M beanie // Two Door Cinema Club tshirt // gogo philip for Topshop cube necklace // Cost Plus World Market bracelets

Last Tuesday, I went to the Two Door Cinema Club // St. Lucia // Friends concert and it was quite an experience.  Two Door Cinema Club and St. Lucia rocked it.  Friends was something else entirely–I’ll get to that.  All in all–the concert was loads of fun.  I give it a solid 8 out of 10.

The venue:  Fox Theater in Oakland.   One word: gorgeous.  It’s a small-ish, cozy venue with awesomely adorned ceilings and walls.  I wish I took pictures, but I couldn’t quite get the right shot.  I don’t think my pictures would have done the place much justice anyways.

The scene:  Hipstamatic.  The venue was filled to the brim with hipsters of all shapes and sizes–short + stocky, tall + lanky, moustached out, flannels on, beanies out, recently-purchased Two Door Cinema Club t-shirts on (sadly, I fell for the hype and shelled out $25 myself–and to think of all the things I could have thrifted with that money on half-price Wednesdays at Salvation Army…shame, shame.  Alas, I must wear it 25 times total to make it worth it.).  It was a sea of high-waisted shorts, random piercings, and edgy + uncoventional hairstyles.
Disclaimer:  Yes, these are overt stereotypes, but, in truth, it’s hard to observe + remove myself from the so-called “hipster” scene entirely.  I mean, part of me must have identified myself with them in some sense to end up at the concert in the first place.

The music:  I wouldn’t call myself a huge Two Door Cinema Club before the event–I knew some of their songs, but not all of them word for word, especially the songs of their new album Beacon.  However, they earned my respect.  They’re really good live and I love Alex Trimble’s voice–their music is oddly calming + exciting at the same time.  Here’s the video for Sun, one of my favorites from the night.

The opening acts were a hit-and-a-miss.  St. Lucia rocked my socks off (Jean-Philip Grobler is yet another great lead singer), while Friends relied heavily on their theatrics + wild antics to carry their performance.  I really think St. Lucia should have gone after Friends–people probably would have appreciated their performance a lot more after the wild-goose-chase of an act Friends was.  The Friends performance consisted of one of the male band members (a Russell Brand look-a-like) coming on stage in a dress, stripping down to tights and booty shorts, and then proceeding to climb off stage and run through the audience.  This all went on as a girl that sounded a bit like Gwen Stefani, but not quite, performed.  The energy of their performance was there–the actual music, not so much.

Now, back to the up-and-coming musical talent–I’ve embedded a video from St. Lucia, called “Before the Dive.”  It’s a powerful song–give it a listen.

Other observations:  Dance, dance.  Another one of the things I enjoy at concerts is observing the people around me and how they interact with each other.  I especially enjoy watching people dance–a lot of people, especially  moved their heads around like little dubstep parrots (P.S. I’ve embedded a video of dubstep parrot if you haven’t seen him yet.  I highly recommend it if you have a love for a) dance, b) dubstep, c) parrots, or d) all of those things!).

Parting words:  It was fun getting out of my apartment on a Tuesday night.  Concerts have a way of making you feel more alive–you just get so absorbed in the music + let it take you away for a couple of hours.  Money well spent.  New life goal: Go to more concerts.

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  1. Nadya says:

    Ahh..the hipster scene. Hahaha yeah sometimes I find myself in that “scene” as well, not that I mind it though. Some of their style is just rubbing off on me! Love Two Door, love your beanie, enough said!

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