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Here’s to looking ahead to 2013…

Forever 21 sweater // H&M black beanie // BDG @ Urban Outfitters jeans // Boutique 9 @ Nordstrom boots

The beginning of the year can lead oneself to existentialist thoughts, such as, “Am I being authentic and true to myself?”  I find that, at this time of year, I become engulfed in both thoughts of the past and expectations of the year to come.  The uncertainty is frightening yet fascinating.

I’ve felt my world start to shift in every sense, and also in my approach to my style.  Before, it was more about getting the best deals, following the trends, and changing up my outfit every other day.  However, now I’m starting to see the simplicity in buying key pieces that you love and truly reflect who you are as an individual.  It’s much more worth it to splurge on classic, quality pieces you can get more wear out of.

So, another one of my goals for the year is to save more and only pour money into pieces I know I will continue to love and wear time and time again.  There’s nothing wrong in re-wearing pieces that you feel good in and that make you feel like the most genuine form of yourself.

Maybe one day I’ll have more money to pour into a designer wardrobe that changes with the seasons.  But, for now, I’m sticking with my worn-in pull-over sweaters while the weather’s still cold.



  1. tania says:

    love your tribal print sweater!! i completely agree to your thoughts on style. i envy some of my favorite bloggers who wear some of the same beautiful things over and over and have a very distinctive sense of style. i feel like i am all over the place, always wanting to buy some new version of a trend! it’s maddening.

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