Belgium: Fashion + Fries


After spending the weekend in London, we headed back to Belgium for a week to rest + plan our road trip.

Day 1: Hello Antwerp!

We drove into Antwerp and visited the main sites, such as Cathedral of Our Lady and Grote Markt. I had never been around Antwerp before so I was excited to explore. From first impressions, it is a quaint, pretty little city. After seeing those two big sites, we stopped by the main shopping street, Meir, and then grabbed an infamous Belgian waffle covered in chocolate. I also tried Kriek for the first time, which is a Belgian beer made of fermented sour Morello cherries–yum!

Cathedral of Our Lady

You can’t say you’ve been to Belgium ’til you’ve tried one of these!

Day 2: Antwerp-in’ Around

We wandered around Antwerp more and grabbed some ice cream to combat the summer heat. Also, being in Antwerp, I felt obligated to go check out the fashion scene and any of the shops of the Antwerp Six. We found ourselves at Renaissance and Ann Demeulemeester, where we felt like two kids in a museum. Maybe one day we will be able to afford some designer duds, but today was not one of those days…

Photo Cred: We-Heart-Fashion (see their in-depth post on Renaissance here)

Day 3: The Foray into Fashion Continues…

We felt like being tourist-y and going to a museum, so we decided to check out the MoMu (Mode Museum–Belgium’s Fashion Museum). I was so excited to go to a museum that was specifically for fashion, but, sadly, the museum was quite small and overwhelming. Plus, it was overpriced–definitely not a place we would go to again.

Afterwards, we set out to check out another one of the Antwerp Six’s shops: Dries Van Noten. Once again, we quickly realized we weren’t willing to pony up for anything, so we settled on shopping for goods within our price range. We went to a store called Fish & Chips where I picked up a pair of flat sandals on sale–my heeled sandals were killing me on the cobblestone streets with all the walking we were doing!

After we shopped, we strolled down an alley filled with graffiti/street art/whatever the politically correct term is. It was awesome! I love seeing what local artists are creating.

Belgium’s version of “Painted Ladies”
(shop similar Kate Spade bag here)

Day 4: Getting Out of the City

The weather was so nice–perfect for being outdoors–so we headed to Galderse Meren, an area of recreational lakes in the Netherlands that was created as a result of sand mining. I love me some fun in the sun!

Day 5: Antwerp >> Brussels

The day was spent feasting + walking around Antwerp more. We had a delicious, super-filling meal at Mama’s Garden where we each ordered a plate of shwawarma. The food comes with an assortment of sauces–naturally my favorite was the garlic one and I kept piling it on. In the end, I definitely could not finish the whole plate so I had to tap in Lukasz to finish it for me.

#allthenomz @ Mama’s Garden

We then went to Het Steen (a medieval fortress) and the Butcher’s Hall. Then, since it was still light out, we decided–why not just head to Brussels?

View from below @ Grand Place

Lacey, white #ootd–in honor of Belgian lace
(shop similar style here)

Day 6: Mussels from Brussels Antwerp

After spending some time with Lukasz’s family, we scarfed down some mussels in Antwerp’s Grote Markt–correction: I scarfed them down because Lukasz isn’t a big fan. And, honestly, that was all we really did that day but I still felt pretty Jean-Claude Van Damme accomplished.

Jean-Claude Van Damme these were good! (sorry, not sorry, I just had to throw in another JCVD reference in there)

Grote Markt, Antwerpen at night

Peace out for now, Belgium! Check out next week’s post to see where we went next…