Forever 21 hat,  J. Crew Factory sweater,  Urban Outfitters harem pants,  Banana Republic crossbody bag (direct link here), Gap genuine leather boots (direct link here)

I keep on fallin’ in and out of love…with hats. Ten points if you got that reference–bonus points if you actually enjoyed it.

I’m a repeat-outfit hat offender, which I really don’t mind. Wear what makes you feel happy/what you feel good in! And who knows if I’ll even like hats tomorrow, so I might as well wear it out while I’m still in the honeymoon stage. It’s actually funny that I’m so obsessed with this hat lately because I actually got it 2 years ago (here are some embarassing pictures of me first wearing the hat back in 2012). Don’t you love when you rediscover items that you’ve had and you end up wearing them to death?

Anyways, enough about my love affair with this hat–the other pieces in this outfit are some of my top picks for fall. I got this sweater from J. Crew Factory recently and am in love with how light and soft the wool feels–the elbow patches are a nice added touch. I also got the bag + boots recently as well–fall is on its way and you better believe I’m stocking up!

Burgundy/oxblood is one of my favorite colors for fall and I have been on the hunt for a bag in this color for a while–looks like my search is over…for now. I’ve also been searching for black boots with a chunky black  heel reminiscent of the ’90s, but it was a challenge finding a pair that didn’t look like I was walking around on two clunky blocks. I also love how this pair look more classic and can be worn well after this ’90s craze has passed.

What are your some of your fall favorites this year?

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