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Christmas by the Bay

One of my favorite holiday pastimes is heading to Pier 39 with friends and family.  There is just something so enchanting about the piers at Christmas time.  Yesterday I headed to the Aquarium of the Bay with some of my friends.  It was so nice to go out after being so busy with school and final exams over the past week.  Now I’m on Christmas break and ready to live it up to the fullest!

We took these photos while strolling through the underwater tube and in the fun little bubble-photo areas.  I felt like I could spend hours there just watching the different animals and snapping photos.  There’s a sort of feeling of tranquility and being at peace that sinks into you as you peer up into the blue waters and the stop at each exhibit.

I felt inspired by the various colors all around–blues, greens, and pops of color.  My favorite exhibit was the jellyfish.  Lights shone down on many of the species, giving the exhibit a truly illuminating, mesmerizing effect.

Outfit details:  H&M moto jacket (similar) and infinity scarf. Forever 21 sweater. Fire coated jeans (similar). Clarks boots. Longchamp purse.

Thanks to my fishy friends for the photos and a fun outing!  More photos from the rest of the day are coming soon…

rockin out

Two Door Cinema Club @ the Fox Theater

H&M beanie // Two Door Cinema Club tshirt // gogo philip for Topshop cube necklace // Cost Plus World Market bracelets

Last Tuesday, I went to the Two Door Cinema Club // St. Lucia // Friends concert and it was quite an experience.  Two Door Cinema Club and St. Lucia rocked it.  Friends was something else entirely–I’ll get to that.  All in all–the concert was loads of fun.  I give it a solid 8 out of 10.

The venue:  Fox Theater in Oakland.   One word: gorgeous.  It’s a small-ish, cozy venue with awesomely adorned ceilings and walls.  I wish I took pictures, but I couldn’t quite get the right shot.  I don’t think my pictures would have done the place much justice anyways.

The scene:  Hipstamatic.  The venue was filled to the brim with hipsters of all shapes and sizes–short + stocky, tall + lanky, moustached out, flannels on, beanies out, recently-purchased Two Door Cinema Club t-shirts on (sadly, I fell for the hype and shelled out $25 myself–and to think of all the things I could have thrifted with that money on half-price Wednesdays at Salvation Army…shame, shame.  Alas, I must wear it 25 times total to make it worth it.).  It was a sea of high-waisted shorts, random piercings, and edgy + uncoventional hairstyles.
Disclaimer:  Yes, these are overt stereotypes, but, in truth, it’s hard to observe + remove myself from the so-called “hipster” scene entirely.  I mean, part of me must have identified myself with them in some sense to end up at the concert in the first place.

The music:  I wouldn’t call myself a huge Two Door Cinema Club before the event–I knew some of their songs, but not all of them word for word, especially the songs of their new album Beacon.  However, they earned my respect.  They’re really good live and I love Alex Trimble’s voice–their music is oddly calming + exciting at the same time.  Here’s the video for Sun, one of my favorites from the night.

The opening acts were a hit-and-a-miss.  St. Lucia rocked my socks off (Jean-Philip Grobler is yet another great lead singer), while Friends relied heavily on their theatrics + wild antics to carry their performance.  I really think St. Lucia should have gone after Friends–people probably would have appreciated their performance a lot more after the wild-goose-chase of an act Friends was.  The Friends performance consisted of one of the male band members (a Russell Brand look-a-like) coming on stage in a dress, stripping down to tights and booty shorts, and then proceeding to climb off stage and run through the audience.  This all went on as a girl that sounded a bit like Gwen Stefani, but not quite, performed.  The energy of their performance was there–the actual music, not so much.

Now, back to the up-and-coming musical talent–I’ve embedded a video from St. Lucia, called “Before the Dive.”  It’s a powerful song–give it a listen.

Other observations:  Dance, dance.  Another one of the things I enjoy at concerts is observing the people around me and how they interact with each other.  I especially enjoy watching people dance–a lot of people, especially  moved their heads around like little dubstep parrots (P.S. I’ve embedded a video of dubstep parrot if you haven’t seen him yet.  I highly recommend it if you have a love for a) dance, b) dubstep, c) parrots, or d) all of those things!).

Parting words:  It was fun getting out of my apartment on a Tuesday night.  Concerts have a way of making you feel more alive–you just get so absorbed in the music + let it take you away for a couple of hours.  Money well spent.  New life goal: Go to more concerts.

Fashion’s Night Out

Fashion’s Night Out in San Francisco–I headed to Fashion’s Night Out in downtown San Francisco last Thursday.  It was my first year attending and let’s just say it turned into a Fashion’s Night In–stuck in Zara and H&M to be exact.  First of all, I got to the event a bit late so I missed the VIP event in the dome of Westfield, but I’m under the impression that all I really missed were cocktails and hors d’oeuvres.  I also walked by some live models, the braid bar in Madewell, and got distracted by Zara (no events were going on but I shopped around anyways).  I did snag one good deal that night though–I stopped in H&M and got 30% off one item (I walked away with a faux leather moto jacket for $37–exactly what I’ve been looking for.  Here’s a similar style by Sparkle & Fade @ Urban Outfitters here).  Unfortunately I did not make it to some of the night’s bigger events, but that just means I will have to come up with a better game plan next year.

Forever 21 Lace Dress (similar) // Forever 21 Chain Necklace (similar) // Primark Tights // thrifted Donna Karan booties // Grey H&M faux leather jacket

Behind the Outfit

I went with my trusted Forever 21 lace dress (similar from ASOS here) that I purchased in London last fall.  It has taken me from London to Milan, to Paris, and back.  This dress has traveled and I always seem to find an occasion to wear it.  It’s definitely a staple in my wardrobe.

As for the rest of the outfit, I kept it simple and stuck with black.  I just got these old but new Donna Karan booties and I can see myself wearing them well into fall + winter.

{Currently Obsessed} Song of the Moment:

SF layers

Out & About in SF

Sorry for the lack of posts lately–ever since my internship ended and I’ve had some time to myself, I’ve been taking it easy, spending time with family + friends, and trying to get out in San Francisco more before I head back to school next week.

Last week was an exciting week to be in SF.  Here’s a list of my top 5 reasons why it was such a great week to be in SF:

1.  Perfect layering weather.  It was cold enough for me to layer my thrifted Banana Republic vest (similar from BDG here) over my cargo green Gap jacket from back in the day, circa 2006 (similar current style from Gap here and Lucky Brand here).  I was mimicking the whole contrast sleeves, militaristic look, like in this style by TOPSHOP.  I thought it was a great, cheap alternative to those who don’t want to shell out the money for a new jacket.  Another look to try is a denim vest over a leather jacket or a leather vest over a denim jacket.

 Outfit Details:  Vest (thrifted) // Jacket (Gap, similar here and here) // Top (Forever 21)

2.  These adorable SF-themed hearts that surround Union Square–they always make me smile whenever I see tourists taking photos with them–even I couldn’t resist snapping a photo with them.  This one is SF at night, but it reminds me of chocolate, Ghirardelli chocolate to be exact–another SF staple.

3.  My one caramel macaron from La Boulange.  Unfortunately, it looks all sad and lonely sitting all by itself in this Instagram picture.  My only regret is not going for the whole box.  We also stopped by Bread & Cocoa where I grabbed a cup of cafe au lait drip coffee.  It was decent, but I must go back and try the chai latte and lavendar mint latte.

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 4.  Surprise Avicii concert in Downtown SF.  My friend Sydnie and I happened to be walking past Union Square when we spotted a crowd of people gathering.  We got to the other side of the square and saw the signs for Avicii, presented by Denim & Supply by Ralph Lauren.  What a noble marketing attempt.  Apparently, if you spent $150 on Denim & Supply jeans that day, you were let into the barricaded area.  Since we were much too poor to be spending $150 on jeans, we decided to stay behind the barrier, but we were lucky enough to snag some decent spots.

Here are some pics I managed to snap.  Pardon my poor point-and-shoot’s photographing capabilities.  It did its best…

Sidenote:  Avicii did not look anything like I expected.  Yes, I’ve heard his songs, but no, I never took the time to see what he actually looked like.  He actually looks like quite a sweet, clean-cut boy.

One of my favorite Avicii songs is Levels.  Check it out above if you’re not familiar with it.  It brings me back to fall last year when I was studying abroad in London.  To say that it makes me nostalgic is an understatement.

Overall, it was a pretty good concert.  I only wish it had been darker and that the crowd was a bit more lively, but what more can you ask for–it was a free pop-up concert on a Tuesday night.  It was definitely one of the day’s highlights!

5.   Fashion’s Night Out on Thursday.  Stay tuned for the next post for more details!

San Francisco, I love you.
Here’s to more random SF adventures!