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Opening My Glossybox

Glossybox Review

I’ve been dying to try out Glossybox for myself for some time and, lucky for me, Glossybox was kind enough to send me one of their September boxes to sample their products.  I was so excited to receive this box last month in October.  I’ve spent the last month trying out and testing the products to see if they were a good fit for me and my beauty routine.

First off, I loved the presentation.  All of the products came nicely packaged in a beautiful pink box.  I have a weird fetish for great packaging (I like to collect boxes…don’t ask).

Clockwise from left to right:

  • Koh Gen Do Cleansing Spa Water
    It’s a makeup remover but it’s name makes it seem as if it’s more than that.  When I read the product description, I thought it was a toner at first.   Technically, it’s a makeup remover but you can use it all over your face.  The consistency is very light (not oily like other makeup removers) and feels like water.  It seems like it’d be a good fit for sensitive skin; it’s infused with herbs and left my skin feeling hydrated.  Plus, you don’t even have to wash it off after you use it, so it’d be perfect for travel and use on-the-go.
  • GKHAIR Moisturizing Conditioner & GKHAIR Moisturizing Shampoo
    When it comes to shampoo + conditioner, I tend to stick with cheaper alternatives, such as Dove. My hair can be pretty unruly at times and unpredictable, so I tend to focus on the products I use after I wash my hair, rather than the actual products I use to wash it.  After a couple of uses, I did not see much difference in my hair.  Without product after shampooing, my hair was still pretty frizzy, and when I tried it again and put some product in after, it was comparable to the results I get with Dove products.  Since the GKHAIR products come with such a steep price point, I do not think I would buy them again.  However, one thing I did like was that the products smelled good–they have a unique scent that I don’t know how to quite describe.  The scent was musty but citrusy at the same time.
  • MISSHA M Perfect Cover B.B Cream
    This B.B Cream comes from one of Korea’s original B.B cream creators, so I had high expectations for it.  It claims to lighten skin tone, heal visible wrinkles & blemishes, and prevent skin aging.  I do not need to lighten my skin tone and I am not sure if it improved the quality of my skin–I would need to use the product more.  What I liked about this product:  It went on smoothly and was not overly dewy, like some B.B creams.  Unfortunately the shade I got was Natural Beige and it was too light for me.  However, if you do subscribe with Glossybox, you do get the chance to customize your box by your skin color + skin type, so you will receive products in shades that suit you.
  • Kryolan for Glossybox Moisture Rich Lipstick in Glossy Pink
    The shade was a little too light for me, but I’m sure I could work with it if I dabbed it to make it a little more sheer or layered another product over it.  I’m not much of a lipstick person so this was fun to experiment with.  It has a nice consistency and actually feels quite good on the lips.  I would get it in a different color–and, like I said, Glossybox lets you customize the box by your skin color and also your hair color, which helps in color matching products to you.

I would buy the Koh Gen Do Cleansing Spa Water again, especially for use on planes–you can wear all the makeup you want for those late night flights and take it off while on board so your makeup doesn’t sit all night.  I would also consider buying the Perfect Cover B.B Cream and Kryolan lipstick too, but in different shades, of course.  Glossybox does allow for some customization (you get to pick your skin color, skin type, hair color, and hair type) so you can get products more suited towards you, which I think makes the box more valuable in the long run.

Overall, it’s a total of 5 products for $21 a month–less than $4.50 per product.  Not bad in my opinion.  Glossybox is an exciting concept for beauty gurus and beauty newbies alike–beauty experts have the opportunity to try out new products for a bargain while beauty newbies have the luxury of having premium samples handpicked for them.  So, there’s less guesswork and more time for beauty experimentation.  Now, who doesn’t love a surprise every once in a while?  Glossybox seems like the perfect once-a-month treat, especially for those of us who feel like they’re stuck in a beauty rut.

Check out Glossybox’s website for more reviews of the products (If you subscribe, you can earn 20 GLOSSYDots per review and eventually earn a free box.  A free box just for your feedback?  Sweet!).  I’ve also been following @glossybox_us on Twitter and taking part in their weekly #GLOSSYchat on Wednesdays at 12 pm PST.  Its a fun outlet to ask and answer fun questions about beauty + skincare, and they even gives away prizes.  Jump in on next week’s chat & also be sure to follow @mfashiondiary on Twitter.

Thanks again to Glossybox for this sample!


Disclaimer:  Financial compensation was not received for this post.  A sample product was gifted by Glossybox.  Opinions expressed are solely my own.