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mirror mazes & carousels

After the aquarium, we headed to our other two planned activities for the day–Magowan’s Infinite Mirror Maze & the iconic carousel at Pier 39.  The mirror maze was, to put it lightly, out of this world.  The funky lighting combined with the strategically-placed mirrors made for a trippy experience.  It was awesome & intriguing, yet creepy at the same time–I can only imagine getting chased through there as if I was in a Halloween horror film.  It really could have been the backdrop of a really intense dream/nightmare.

I love the way the photos from the mirror maze turned out.  The photos look like some modern/abstract/impressionist painting–I don’t know quite how to describe it.  Maybe like something Monet would have painted had he been sitting there and observing us in the maze.

The carousel was the ideal end to the day.  Classic, iconic, & sweet, taking me back to my childhood when the carousel was the only ride I wanted to ride on.

Thank you, San Francisco.  You never disappoint.

Outfit details:  H&M moto jacket (similar) and infinity scarf. Forever 21 sweater. Fire coated jeans (similar). Clarks boots. Longchamp purse.


under the sea

Christmas by the Bay

One of my favorite holiday pastimes is heading to Pier 39 with friends and family.  There is just something so enchanting about the piers at Christmas time.  Yesterday I headed to the Aquarium of the Bay with some of my friends.  It was so nice to go out after being so busy with school and final exams over the past week.  Now I’m on Christmas break and ready to live it up to the fullest!

We took these photos while strolling through the underwater tube and in the fun little bubble-photo areas.  I felt like I could spend hours there just watching the different animals and snapping photos.  There’s a sort of feeling of tranquility and being at peace that sinks into you as you peer up into the blue waters and the stop at each exhibit.

I felt inspired by the various colors all around–blues, greens, and pops of color.  My favorite exhibit was the jellyfish.  Lights shone down on many of the species, giving the exhibit a truly illuminating, mesmerizing effect.

Outfit details:  H&M moto jacket (similar) and infinity scarf. Forever 21 sweater. Fire coated jeans (similar). Clarks boots. Longchamp purse.

Thanks to my fishy friends for the photos and a fun outing!  More photos from the rest of the day are coming soon…

Fashion’s Night Out

Fashion’s Night Out in San Francisco–I headed to Fashion’s Night Out in downtown San Francisco last Thursday.  It was my first year attending and let’s just say it turned into a Fashion’s Night In–stuck in Zara and H&M to be exact.  First of all, I got to the event a bit late so I missed the VIP event in the dome of Westfield, but I’m under the impression that all I really missed were cocktails and hors d’oeuvres.  I also walked by some live models, the braid bar in Madewell, and got distracted by Zara (no events were going on but I shopped around anyways).  I did snag one good deal that night though–I stopped in H&M and got 30% off one item (I walked away with a faux leather moto jacket for $37–exactly what I’ve been looking for.  Here’s a similar style by Sparkle & Fade @ Urban Outfitters here).  Unfortunately I did not make it to some of the night’s bigger events, but that just means I will have to come up with a better game plan next year.

Forever 21 Lace Dress (similar) // Forever 21 Chain Necklace (similar) // Primark Tights // thrifted Donna Karan booties // Grey H&M faux leather jacket

Behind the Outfit

I went with my trusted Forever 21 lace dress (similar from ASOS here) that I purchased in London last fall.  It has taken me from London to Milan, to Paris, and back.  This dress has traveled and I always seem to find an occasion to wear it.  It’s definitely a staple in my wardrobe.

As for the rest of the outfit, I kept it simple and stuck with black.  I just got these old but new Donna Karan booties and I can see myself wearing them well into fall + winter.

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