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flashes of color

See, I promised you I would get off my balcony and into the wilderness–ha, I kid, this is actually my front yard.

I love how the color in this dress seems to pop and bring the whole thing to life.  It was that bright bit of color I needed to lighten up my Monday–ha, as if a piece of clothing has the power to dictate the course of my day.  In retrospect, I guess it did.  Monday went by slow, but a lot easier than expected.

The light, flowy fabric of this dress left me feeling free and comfortable all day and was perfect for the warm weather.  Summer is definitely heating up around here, so I’ll definitely be wearing a lot more dresses–I love a good dress that is simple, clean, and makes you instantly feel put-together.

I also love the casual feel of this dress–it’s perfect for a day out in the sun.  It’s pretty functional–I kept thinking to myself that it would be a great swimsuit cover-up.  However, since I wasn’t headed for the beach today, I dressed it up with gray socks and neutral wedges that can easily take this look from daytime to a brisk summer night.

Dress: matix
(click here for another interesting colorblock style)

Turquoise Clutch: purchased at London’s Spitalfields Market
(similar here and here)

Sunglasses: Cole Haan
(similar here in tortoiseshell–under $50!)

Knee-High Grey Socks: Target
(similar look here)

Wedges: purchased at a random shop in France
(see the more dramatic Jeffrey Campbell style look here)


I had a hard time classifying this look.  Some of the questions I asked myself:  Does the hat make me look like a pilgrim?  Or an Amish Indiana Jones?  Does the blouse make me look like a peasant?  Oh well, let’s not overthink this.  I had a ton of fun taking these pictures and the pieces of this outfit were all cheap finds–and I’m a sucker for a good bargain.  So let’s just say the theme of this look is adventure–I ventured into new territory with this look.  I never really saw myself as a hat person, but after exploring more and more fashion blogs, I see how easily they can pull a look together and completely transform it.  Here’s to more style adventures!


Hat: $9.99 at Forever 21
(other similar Forever 21 styles $11.99 here and $10.80 here,
and a bargain at Nordstrom only $12.90 here)

Blouse:  $7 at H&M
(similar Nordstrom version under $25 here)

Necklace:  Cost Plus World Market

 High-Waisted Shorts:  American Apparel
(similar Nasty Gal styles here and here)

Shoes:  unknown brand from some cheap store in France
(see the more dramatic Jeffrey Campbell style here)