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Postcards from Europe 2013

Happy #TBT! I thought I’d do a fun little #ThrowbackThursday post series recapping the Eurotrip I took last summer. I am heading to Europe again in exactly 1 month so I thought this would be a fun way to countdown the weeks ’til I leave. Check back every Thursday this month for a new post!


After graduation last year, I headed to Belgium to meet up with my boyfriend. We headed to London the day after I arrived–I was dying to return after I had studied abroad there in 2011. We took the train from Brussels to St. Pancras International and arrived in London at nighttime. We got a little bit lost on the way to the hotel and were so relieved to finally find it–too bad our room turned out to be equivalent to the size of a shoe box, stuffy with no window, and had paper-thin walls. We got out of there quickly to grab some dinner in Chinatown.

Obligatory red telephone booth picture on our way to Chinatown. Even after studying abroad, London telephone booth photos never get old.

Dinner turned out to be meh–I can’t tell you the name of the place because I didn’t think it was noteworthy enough to write down, but I’m sure I could pick it out if I found myself back in Chinatown.


The next morning we headed to Borough Market for lunch. I had only been there briefly during a weekday back when I studied abroad so I wanted to check out the scene on a weekend. We snacked on delicacies like quail eggs, wild boar sausage (pictured below), and a pretty crappy shaved ice, but it was worth it for the experience.

We then wandered over to Tate Modern, across the Millenium Bridge, and over to St. Paul’s Cathedral. Warning: couple-y pictures coming up…

Silhouettes. So indie.

This ain’t Paris.

My forearm and Lukasz’s one calf look so developed. We must be doing something right.

Then, we took a walk down memory lane and headed to South Kensington, where I lived and studied while I was abroad. I was filled to the brim with feelings of nostalgia–it wasn’t the same without my study abroad buddies! The places we used to frequent just felt empty.

Home is whenever I’m with you.

 The coolest place to be–before, during, and after class.

So, all these feels definitely called for some intense retail therapy (not pictured) and eating in Chinatown again, but at Leong’s Legend this time around. We had been to Leong’s Legend in 2011 and remembered how good it was, so we had to go back! I’d go so far as to say it’s the best Taiwanese food in London, but it’s the only Taiwanese place I’ve been to…

Pardon my bottle of eye drops, but the feels were too strong that day and the food looked so good I was practically crying–well, that, and allergies.


Day 3 was spent heading to Camden Town and Old Spitalfields Market–two of my favorite places in London. Everything felt exactly the same–I just wish I still lived a tube ride away from each of them.

Cheers to you, London–until we meet again!