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mirror mazes & carousels

After the aquarium, we headed to our other two planned activities for the day–Magowan’s Infinite Mirror Maze & the iconic carousel at Pier 39.  The mirror maze was, to put it lightly, out of this world.  The funky lighting combined with the strategically-placed mirrors made for a trippy experience.  It was awesome & intriguing, yet creepy at the same time–I can only imagine getting chased through there as if I was in a Halloween horror film.  It really could have been the backdrop of a really intense dream/nightmare.

I love the way the photos from the mirror maze turned out.  The photos look like some modern/abstract/impressionist painting–I don’t know quite how to describe it.  Maybe like something Monet would have painted had he been sitting there and observing us in the maze.

The carousel was the ideal end to the day.  Classic, iconic, & sweet, taking me back to my childhood when the carousel was the only ride I wanted to ride on.

Thank you, San Francisco.  You never disappoint.

Outfit details:  H&M moto jacket (similar) and infinity scarf. Forever 21 sweater. Fire coated jeans (similar). Clarks boots. Longchamp purse.


SF layers

Out & About in SF

Sorry for the lack of posts lately–ever since my internship ended and I’ve had some time to myself, I’ve been taking it easy, spending time with family + friends, and trying to get out in San Francisco more before I head back to school next week.

Last week was an exciting week to be in SF.  Here’s a list of my top 5 reasons why it was such a great week to be in SF:

1.  Perfect layering weather.  It was cold enough for me to layer my thrifted Banana Republic vest (similar from BDG here) over my cargo green Gap jacket from back in the day, circa 2006 (similar current style from Gap here and Lucky Brand here).  I was mimicking the whole contrast sleeves, militaristic look, like in this style by TOPSHOP.  I thought it was a great, cheap alternative to those who don’t want to shell out the money for a new jacket.  Another look to try is a denim vest over a leather jacket or a leather vest over a denim jacket.

 Outfit Details:  Vest (thrifted) // Jacket (Gap, similar here and here) // Top (Forever 21)

2.  These adorable SF-themed hearts that surround Union Square–they always make me smile whenever I see tourists taking photos with them–even I couldn’t resist snapping a photo with them.  This one is SF at night, but it reminds me of chocolate, Ghirardelli chocolate to be exact–another SF staple.

3.  My one caramel macaron from La Boulange.  Unfortunately, it looks all sad and lonely sitting all by itself in this Instagram picture.  My only regret is not going for the whole box.  We also stopped by Bread & Cocoa where I grabbed a cup of cafe au lait drip coffee.  It was decent, but I must go back and try the chai latte and lavendar mint latte.

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 4.  Surprise Avicii concert in Downtown SF.  My friend Sydnie and I happened to be walking past Union Square when we spotted a crowd of people gathering.  We got to the other side of the square and saw the signs for Avicii, presented by Denim & Supply by Ralph Lauren.  What a noble marketing attempt.  Apparently, if you spent $150 on Denim & Supply jeans that day, you were let into the barricaded area.  Since we were much too poor to be spending $150 on jeans, we decided to stay behind the barrier, but we were lucky enough to snag some decent spots.

Here are some pics I managed to snap.  Pardon my poor point-and-shoot’s photographing capabilities.  It did its best…

Sidenote:  Avicii did not look anything like I expected.  Yes, I’ve heard his songs, but no, I never took the time to see what he actually looked like.  He actually looks like quite a sweet, clean-cut boy.

One of my favorite Avicii songs is Levels.  Check it out above if you’re not familiar with it.  It brings me back to fall last year when I was studying abroad in London.  To say that it makes me nostalgic is an understatement.

Overall, it was a pretty good concert.  I only wish it had been darker and that the crowd was a bit more lively, but what more can you ask for–it was a free pop-up concert on a Tuesday night.  It was definitely one of the day’s highlights!

5.   Fashion’s Night Out on Thursday.  Stay tuned for the next post for more details!

San Francisco, I love you.
Here’s to more random SF adventures!